What makes Boatblogs.com Special?
  • Share Videos in Your Blog Articles

    New Feature Announcement!

    Want to add videos to your blog articles? Now you can!

    Otto now supports YouTube or Vimeo videos in your blog articles! If you have personal videos you would like to share just upload them to one of these Video Sharing channels and add it to your blog articles. Or share any other funny or interesting videos from YouTube or Vimeo. For further instruction, please reference your Otto Manual.

    To access the Otto Manual:

    • Login to your website and go to your Blog Page
    • From the Widgets Menu in the upper left, click on the Blog icon
    • From the Drop-down, select "Go to Blog Dashboard"
    • Once in the Blog Dashboard, select "Blog by Email Setup" from the left side menu
    • Click on "Find out more, Go to Otto Instructions"
    The Otto manual will open up in another browser tab. In the left side menu under "Basic Features&" click on the "Add a Video" section. You can also find the commands under "Advanced Features" > "Command Request Reference".

    Happy Blogging!

  • Built By A World Cruiser

    Boatblogs.com was founded by a world cruiser (Ken Williams) who developed the blogging software to support his own blog and then started providing blogging for others. Ken has cruised over 50,000nm along with his wife and two dogs. His travels have included visiting over 25 countries, crossing the Atlantic, the Bering Sea and particpation in various rallies such as the NAR, GSSR and Fubar. He has also written four books on world cruising.

  • Serious Power For Blogging

    • A system you won't outgrow. One of our blogs with over 23 million views!
    • Built by a circumnavigator who is a retired software entrepreneuer
    • Handles all mailing list management for you
    • Handles posting to social media
    • Allows moderated comments on blog entries
    • Blog from anywhere on any device. Special provision for low bandwidth
    • Blog by email
    • Multiple templates for blog entries
    • Online photo galleries, maps, video
  • Blogging Your Way

    You decide how, where, if, when you blog. Boatblogs.com provides three different methods of blogging.

    • Blog from a webpage - Post blog entries via our web-based interface. Everything is cloud based. There is nothing to install and makes blogging possible from any internet cafe in the world (or, your own computer)
    • Blog via email - Create an email with your favorite email program, even on your phone, and send it. That's it, even if the blog entry has pictures! Your blog entry will be posted to your online blog as well as any linked social media.
    • Blog by email, with help from Otto - Using revolutionary patent-pending technology, Otto pioneers and entirely new way of blogging. Otto is an AI-based system which responds to your emails. To post a blog entry you send requests to Otto. Send Otto your pictures, send him your text, send him requests to format your blog and send him requests to post or distribute your blog. Otto is your blogging friend and will work to minimize your bandwidth requirement while allowing you to produce beautiful blog entries.
  • Blogging With Heavy Artillery

    You work hard to produce your blog entries. You should care that they are properly hosted and distributed. These are just a few of the companies and technologies underlying boatblogs.com

    • Amazon - Boatblogs.com uses Amazon's AWS cloud-based systems
    • Rackspace - Provides hosting and network capacity
    • Microsoft - SQL, dot.net
    • HTML5 and CSS3 - Responsive webpages
    • Jquery - Client side scripting
    • Bootstrap - Client side page formatting
  • Keep In Touch With Family

    Boatblogs.com started because our founder was crossing the Atlantic, as part of the first ocean crossing power boat rally, and wanted to keep up with his family. This was 2004 and technology wasn't what it was today. He (Ken Williams) blogged used a bgan system (at $14/megabyte) to post updates to his father. These updates were forwarded and became an early nautical internet phenomenon and the basis for a top internet blog (www.kensblog.com.)

    Today, a wide variety of boaters are using boatblogs.com to publish updates from the middle of oceans. A Moby Duck just crossed the Pacific using an Iridium to post regular updates. A cruiser in Thailand on a Selene posts updates via a poor marina wi-fi system. A family venturing from Hawaii to Kodiak recently posted their voyage via boatblogs.com.

  • You Have Options

    With Boatblogs.com we want you to feel free to express your creativity.

    • Choose how you blog - Blog by email, or blog from a website
    • Choose how your blog appears - Choose from multiple templates for how your blog looks online, and if you choose to send your blog entries by email, or post them to social media -- choose from templates to decide how your blog will appear
    • Choose where your blog appears - Blog to a website, and/or to social media. Send blog entries by email, or just a teaser. You decide.
    • Choose who can see your blog - Limit access to parts of your blog site, or choose on a person by person basis who can have access