Do-It-Yourself Blogs & Websites
Designed For Boat Owners

Blogs: a powerful blogging system with advanced features for boat owners.
Websites: Simple widget based system for anyone to make their own websites. Everything you need, including domain hosting!

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Do-It-Yourself Blogs & Websites
Designed For Boat Owners

Boatblogs is a Seattle based company, owned and operated by Ken Williams, a circumnavigating retired software entrepreneur. Boatblogs is powered by and runs on the same system as Talkspot, with over 100,00 sites built since 1999.

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Do-It-Yourself Blogs & Websites
Designed For Boat Owners

Want a free blog and online profile - no problem. Want to build an entire website dedicated to your Vessel and your travels with a custom URL, photo galleries, and personal blog - you've come to the right place, you can do all of that and more with no coding or technical experience.

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Do-It-Yourself Blogs & Websites
Designed For Boat Owners

We understand that boaters are often in locations with poor internet connection and must rely on their mobile devices to get the job done. Boatblogs has made this possible with our Blog By Email features. You can embed pictures, and maps in your blog postings, and post them to your blog via email.

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What’s included for Free

  • Online Profile w/ custom layout and online photo gallery
  • Online Blog (Most powerful blogging system available)
  • Location Map and Weather (current and past locations)
  • Members Forum (share common interests, get advice from your peers)
  • Access to member only content
  • Stay up to date on the most recent industry news
  • Buy/Sell/Trade boating classifieds
  • Join the #1 online boating community
What Makes Us Special

Why BoatBlogs is the #1 blogging system in the world for boaters

  • Blog by email
  • Blog from mobile devices
  • Optimized for use in low-bandwidth situations
  • Embed pictures, maps and videos in your blog postings
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Low bandwidth, slow internet connection? Not a problem!

BoatBlogs is a powerful product based on enterprise class servers that you won't outgrow. With our blog by email tools, you can literally blog from anywhere. Show your locations on a map. Share images and videos of your family adventures, and more.

"One of our customers crossed the Pacific from Australia to the US on a 46' boat - blogging daily from the middle of the ocean via satellite."

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